Hi, we are b24

We are a team specialized in Consulting, technological design and the analysis of intelligent solutions for the telecommunications and internet technology industry, located in Miami, Florida, United States since 2008, our company has been linked in the area of ​​digital technology and telecommunications, participating in various development and consulting projects in the industry.

Since 2014 we began to build a strong strategic alliance with several internet and technology provider companies, which has allowed us to integrate a portfolio of intelligent solutions to our clients inside and outside the United States.

Today we offer specific designs and intelligent technological solutions that allow our clients to achieve the best performance for their communities and companies. We operate a dedicated stand-alone fiber-optic network, in all of our major markets using Fiber to home technology, and We deliver gigabit speeds without data caps, made possible over one of the most extensive fiber-optic infrastructures in the United States. United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

2007 – 2022 Radio y TV
Since our foundation in 2008, we have created, operated, distributed, integrated and digitized 25 television channels and Radio stations in the United States.
France 24 USA – 2007 / Radio al Mundo – 2007 / Canal Bleu (2007) / RHN (Hispanic News Network)-2008 / La Telenovela Network (2009) / ATV Martinique – 2009 / Ibleu Radio – 2009 / Ventecel Radio – 2009 / Bonjour Television Network – 2010 / Bonjour America TV – 2010 / Action Channel 19 - 2011 / HES (High End Sport) - 2011
Medicos TV – 2011 / Trotters TV Festival – 2011 / Ecua Channel - 2012
Country & Arts TV – 2012 / Ole TV -2012 / Ayiti TV – 2013 / Xplore Channel – 2014 / TV agro – 2014 / Automotores TV – 2015 / Teleritmo – 2016 / FC Star TV – 2017 / Men's up TV – 2017 / BMF TV – 2018 / Vision America TV - 2020

In 2017 we began the design, planning and construction of a server robot with 100% artificial intelligence with the mission of controlling and operating the television, internet and telephone circuits of the more than 10 million users of the cable operator company HOTWIRE communications. , installed in one of our facilities located in Miami – Florida. In 2019 it was moved to the HOTWIRE headquarters where it is still in operation.

In 2016, we built a comprehensive intelligent data center for the management of international symmetric internet and integration of television channels for cable operating companies in the United States.

We have made designs and international network circuits providing symmetric internet to several Latin American countries: Colombia - Chile - St. Lucia - Jamaica - Martinique - Suriname - Panama and Brazil.
Since 2017 we have been certified as authorized solutions providers from several service provider companies, consulting countries for the integration of internet services and smart technology.